Neal C. Taylor

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Neal C. Taylor has been fighting for his clients in state and federal courts throughout Arizona for over 25 years. When someone is looking for an attorney, they require assistance. Neal Taylor became an attorney to assist those in need.

“My calling has always been to fight for the underdog, those who are most in need since I was a child.” And so it is still today. Fighting, protecting, and championing the cause of those in need – my clients – is my calling.”

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Mr. Taylor worked as a prosecutor and defense attorney in criminal cases for seventeen years. Mr. Taylor prosecuted a wide range of cases as a prosecutor in the Coconino County Attorney’s Office (Flagstaff). These cases ranged from truant juveniles to first-degree murder. Mr. Taylor was also involved in the community during his time as a prosecutor, serving on Teen Court, High School Mock Trial, and the Coconino County Multidisciplinary Team for Infant and Child Deaths. Mr. Taylor organized the State Bar seminar “Children, Victims, and Parents: Drawing the Ethical Line.” He was also a member of the State Bar’s Committee on Victim’s Rights Implementation and the State Bar Committee on Juvenile Court Rules.

Mr. Taylor represented hundreds of clients charged with virtually every offense in the Criminal Code as a defense attorney. First Degree Murder, for which the death penalty is sought, is the most difficult case an attorney can face.

“I’ve lost many nights of sleep – working and worrying – doing everything I could to keep my client alive.” And, thank God, none of them ever did.”

Mr. Taylor has handled numerous Murder One and other minor homicide charges. Mr. Taylor received the prestigious “President’s Commendation” from the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice for his service to the criminal justice community.

Mr. Taylor and his wife, Dr. Patti Taylor, a psychologist, work together frequently in their respective fields. They collaborated on the professional article “Reaching the Jury: A Case for Multi-Modal Presentation.”

“When a perplexing psychological issue bothers me late at night, just before sleep, I consult my personal psychologist – my wife.” She straightens me out, and then we both fall asleep. It’s a nice extra benefit that doesn’t cost me or my client anything.”

Family Law

Mr. Taylor founded BURNS, NICKERSON & TAYLOR with Kevin Burns and Darius Nickerson fourteen years ago. Mr. Taylor saw this as a fantastic opportunity to return to family law. As a parent of three who has successfully blended a family, Mr. Taylor has a unique understanding of what is required in divorce and child custody cases. Life experiences can be extremely beneficial in divorce and custody cases. Mr. Taylor has the wisdom of his own life experiences to help him understand his clients’ problems as a parent of three and a grandparent of five. Mr. Taylor, on the other hand, understands that sometimes there is no substitute for a full-fledged battle for custody or property rights. Experience teaches us when an all-out battle is required and when a compromise should be pursued.

“I strive to provide my family law clients with the same zeal and advocacy that I would provide in a death penalty case while tempering that zeal with the compassionate understanding that is required in a family law case.”

Litigation Percentage:

  • 90% of Practice Devoted to Litigation

Bar Admissions: