Michael Boske


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Canton, Ohio OVI/DUI Defense Attorney

Michael Boske has handled thousands of criminal cases throughout Ohio over 24 years. From minor traffic violations and OVI/DUI charges to major assaults, domestic violence, drug offenses, and murder charges, we have you covered. Mr. Boske offers his clients unrivaled knowledge of the issues as well as a unique familiarity with Prosecuting Attorneys and Judges in the Court System.

Being convicted of driving while intoxicated can result in serious consequences such as loss of license, increased insurance costs, heavy fines, and jail time. I am here to assist you if you were stopped and charged with an OVI/DUI in the Canton area or anywhere in Ohio. I understand that even good people can make mistakes and that breathalyzers can produce inaccurate results.

I have the knowledge required to challenge the evidence against you, as well as the ability to assist you in pursuing the best possible outcome.

A skilled Ohio attorney fighting drunk driving charges.
A skilled attorney may be able to have charges dismissed or reduced by demonstrating that equipment or procedural error caused an unfair charge.

I’ll look into whether or not law enforcement followed proper procedure.