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Arizona Estate Planning Attorney

Dale R. Thorson, P.C. is committed to providing the highest quality professional services while remaining friendly and courteous.

We take pride in our unique ability to solve difficult problems, educate our clients on the issues at hand, and fully explain the options and choices available before making decisions.

Our office is here to assist you with family, business, and financial issues. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to treating each client the way we would like to be treated: with courtesy, compassion, and quality service.

Our goal is to help you solve your problems in a friendly and cost-effective manner. We take pride in attempting to keep your fees and costs to a minimum. We don’t look for ways to raise your costs; instead, we look for alternative ways to achieve the same results. This has always been our philosophy, which has resulted in a large number of referrals from satisfied clients, allowing our business to thrive (approaching 5,000 since 1988).

As previously stated, we make every effort to educate our clients on the law and take the time to clearly and concisely explain all options. We want our clients to feel at ease when dealing with our office and to know that they are getting quality services at a reasonable price.

Thank you for entrusting our firm with your legal and tax needs.