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From Binder & Binder® Social Security Disability Advocates

‘You have enough to worry about. The S.S.A. is huge and impersonal and yet understaffed. Each year they have less people to handle more cases so cases get less attention and the process takes longer and longer. We can’t change that and we cannot make the process faster. But we can supply all the information to Social Security that they need to process your case. We are on your side. Let us do the worrying for you.’

Why Hire Binder & Binder®?

We have been winning Social Security Disability cases all over America since 1975 – so we are well aware that you really do “have enough to worry about.” Our job is to make life a little easier for you; we know many of our clients are living “on the edge,” because they’ve been waiting for their Social Security benefits for a long time. Unlike many of our competitors, we’ll take your case from the very beginning. We know where all the potential traps are, so your application has a better chance of success when we take it from the beginning. We’ve been doing this for claimants for a very long time. We handle cases at all stages: initial, reconsideration, the hearing and unlike most of our competitors, we stand by our clients if they’ve been denied.