Arizona Tenants Advocates Claimed


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Ken Volk, the founder of Arizona Tenants Advocates & Association and a well-known tenant rights advocate, has been helping Arizona tenants since 1993.

When a foreign ASU student knocked on his door seeking assistance with a collapsed ceiling, he began by organizing tenants in his apartment complex. Mr. Volk made contact with legal services as part of those efforts, and they asked for his help in defeating a landlord bill that was being promoted in the state legislature. The effort was a success, and the momentum carried over to Mr. Volk’s establishment and management of the Arizona Tenants Association from 1994 to 2020.

According to New Times, Mr. Volk is “the renters’ spokesman… an agitator… dedicated.” He has been dubbed a “landlord’s worst nightmare.” Mr. Volk has received referrals not only from landlords, but also from apartment managers, realtors, apartment placement firms, THE ARIZONA STATE BAR, and even well-known landlord attorneys such as Scott Clark and others. Mr. Volk has been the subject of countless newspaper and other media stories and interviews, as well as the occasional target.

Furthermore, Tempe’s Rental Housing Code was conceived by Mr. Volk, whose support and contributions were crucial to its passage. Similarly, he was involved in the creation of Glendale’s rental ordinance, which led to the creation of Arizona’s Landlord-Tenant Slumlords Statute of 1999 (A.R.S. 33-1901 through 33-1905).